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A dark thriller about three mysterious specialists tasked by the global hacker group


Anonymous to search for the Pope who is missing.


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A Quaintrelle in The City

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Smokescreen by Khaled Talib


At an ancient café in Cairo, two veteran spies plot a covert mission to resolve — once and for all — the Israeli – Palestinian conflict. The pledge: Israel will make a major concession as part of the peace treaty.

In Singapore, Jethro Westrope, a magazine journalist, stumbles onto the scene of a murder: the beautiful Niki Kishwani directs him, in her last breath, to a digital recorder, evidence that puts Jethro’s life in serious danger. And, much worse, he is framed for Niki’s murder.

Jethro sets out to find Niki’s killer and is drawn into a web of deception and intrigue involving officials from the Singaporean, Israeli, and American governments, each with a complex, competing, and potentially deadly agenda.

Against this pulse-pounding backdrop, Jethro races to find answers and save himself —yet nothing is as it seems.

He finds himself at the centre of a political plot so diabolical and sweeping in its world implications that he is stunned to discover tomorrow’s news headlines today. He is being set up not only as a murderer but as an assassin, and something much larger than his own fate is in his hands.

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Exceptional Story Line

Gun Kiss. Review by Tangled in Text. 


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The ebook version of my thriller GUN KISS is now on sale $0.99 until April 15. Amazon.



A stolen piece of history, an abducted actress and international intrigue…



“High octane action… A super charged plot that grabs interest tightly and does not let go.” — Midwest Book Review



Best wishes, Khaled

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