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A Blue Million Books: Featured Author Khaled Talib

Totally Addicted to Reading: Khaled Talib Author Interview

Author Interview with Khaled Talib at Totally Addicted to Reading

Goodreads paperback giveaway: GUN KISS

Feeling lucky? Here’s your chance to win a signed paperback copy of Gun Kiss in the Goodreads Giveaway contest. CLICK the given link to enter. 


Readers' Favorite review of Incognito

A review of Incognito by Reader's Favorite. 

Gun Kiss by Khaled Talib. Erica Robyn Reads [Book Review]

A nice review of Gun Kiss by Erica Robyn (reviewer). She tells you what are some of her favorite quotes from the book.

Spotlight: Gun Kiss by Khaled Talib

Chandra Claypool's Blog Page.

What is That Book About

Interviewer: Do you have any advice for anyone that would like to become an author?


Me: Personally, I imagine myself as Conan the Barbarian going through a series of obstacles as I try to defeat the enemy to reach the end goal. Hold that sword high. You get the picture.

Gun Kiss Christmas Lucky Dip!
Gun Kiss Christmas Lucky Dip!

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Other Rules & Regulations apply. 


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Gun Kiss Christmas Luck Dip


Book Giveaway Contest

To enter to win an EBOOK copy of Incognito, simply email KRL at krlcontests@gmail[dot]com by replacing the [dot] with a period, and with the subject line “incognito,” or comment on this article. A winner will be chosen December 16, 2017. U.S. residents only. If entering via email please included your mailing address.


Good luck and Happy Holidays! 

GUN KISS by Khaled Talib. Midwest Book Review

Take a deep breath, because Gun Kiss's special brand of high-octane action is on its way to market, and it's a hell of a ride especially recommended for thriller readers who like their action not only nonstop, but tempered with a bit of romance and a lot of world-hopping political confrontations.

The tension begins in the first paragraph as a Lincoln re-enactment event in Washington, D.C. results in a hostage and a bomber intent on thievery. Rick achieves his goals with almost casual precision: it's clear he's not only planned his escapade down to the second, but that he's a pro.

As a missing Deringer from The Ford Theatre Museum involves a host of special interests, the story heats up to become a globe-trotting series of escapades and encounters by disparate individuals who each harbor their own special interests.

A network involved in piracy and smuggling, a monied Chinese drug trafficker who works out a deal that lands him in Tijuana, Goldie's strange party for the paparazzi, and Blake's need for a holiday away from intrigue and complications all join with a range of subplots designed to keep Gun Kiss unpredictable, unexpected, and sometimes unsettling as events keep on creating new connections and surprises.

As a stolen artifact evolves into crimes surrounding a maniacal drug lord, challenges to U.S. and Mexican government relations, and deadly escapades that involve faked deaths and real kidnappings, readers experience a supercharged plot that grabs interest tightly and does not let go.

The mark of a superior thriller lies in its ability to seamlessly transcend borders, boundaries, and special interests to provide a series of interwoven subplots that all come together in a satisfying crescendo of intrigue designed to keep readers on edge right up to the end.

Take a deep breath before reading Gun Kiss. Its special brand of activity and complex personal and criminal interactions makes it hard to put down, and highly recommended for thriller and crime readers alike.


D. Donavan
Senior Reviewer
Midwest Book Review 

A Publication Extract Day for Gun Kiss in Linda's Book Bag

An excerpt from Gun Kiss. 

The Big Thrill Q&A with Khaled Talib

International Thriller Writers Q&A with Khaled Talib.

Upcoming thriller draws inspiration from celebrity stalkers

Crime Readers Association UK blog article by Khaled Talib. 

I hated romance until...

Thanks to Maureen Miller, USA Today bestselling romantic suspense author, for having me as a guest blogger

GUN KISS launch party!

Join me on 3 December to celebrate the launch of my new thriller, GUN KISS. 

All are welcome.


Quiz Rewards. I'll upload a book cover of a suspense-thriller novel. Then I'll ask you a question pertaining to the book or author. You can Google or check the author's Amazon page for the answer. First person to give me the correct answer wins a kindle copy of that book.

Gun Kiss by Khaled Talib

Release Day 1, Dec.